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Affordable Crowns in San Antonio, Texas

Daniela Dental takes pride in offering superior dental services to all of greater San Antonio, but we also understand that providing a great value is important to our patients. We offer affordable crowns and even have an in-office Dental Plan to help you curb the costs if you don’t have dental insurance in San Antonio.

Do I Need a Crown? dental crown before and after

A crown is used to restore teeth that are decaying, and a root canal may or may not be required before the installation of a crown. Crowns are often called caps because they cover the remaining tooth to restore its natural look and function. Some reasons that you might need a crown include:

  • Lacking enough remaining tooth to support a filling
  • Attaching a bridge
  • Restoring fractured teeth
  • Covering poorly shaped or discolored teeth
  • After a root canal

Crowns have an average lifespan of 5-8 years, but this period can be drastically increased with good oral hygiene and regularly scheduled dental care.

What to Expect When You Get Crowns in San Antonio

Daniel Nguyen

Expect at least two dental appointments once the determination has been made that you need crowns. Your first visit will be to shape and prepare the tooth for the crown. An acrylic impression will then be made of the tooth area, and we will make you a temporary tooth immediately.
The second visit will occur once your permanent cap has been completed at the lab. In minutes, the temporary is removed, and the permanent tooth cap is cemented in and polished up for you.

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