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Partial and Complete Dentures in San Antonio

Missing teeth can remove the smile from your face, and Daniela Dental can help replace it with a full or partial denture. We offer great specials, courteous service, and use advanced dental technology to ensure that your procedure will be seamless. We specialize in both partial and complete denture procedures in the greater San Antonio area.

Removable Partial Dentures in San Antonio, Texas

These are ideal when you are missing several teeth in a row. Partials are custom made to fit the gum line and to match the aesthetics of your remaining teeth so they look completely natural. We recommend the use of precision attachments for removable partial dentures, which often requires attaching crowns to the teeth adjacent to the area where the partial will sit. This tremendously improves the fit of the partial denture. We Also offer Flexible Base Partial. These are light weight and beautiful natural look.

partial dentures before and after

Complete or Full Dentures

If you are missing an entire arch of teeth, then a complete or full denture can bring you back into the smile game quickly. Your procedure will vary depending on whether you require services to the upper, lower, or both arches.

The upper arch is the most simple to create and wear, as it typically remains in place without the need for stabilizing implants. However, a full denture for the lower jaw can be more intense, and it may require 2-4 implants to help keep it in place consistently due to the aesthetics of the mouth. Implant supported dentures allow you to live life normally and eat all the foods you love once again without concern of losing your implement.

full complete dentures before and after

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