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Got Tooth Pain? You Might Need a Root Canal Daniel Nguyen

As a San Antonio root canal dental professional, Dr. Nguyen understands the anxiety that can accompany the fear of needing a root canal. With the assistance of a patient staff, a calming office atmosphere, and several options for sedation dentistry, Daniela Dental can help ease your anxiety and get your tooth feeling much better.

A root canal procedure is performed to help save the root structure of your existing tooth so that it may ultimately support a crown. This prevents extractions, which will leave you with missing teeth that may require more costly treatments down the line, such as implants or bridges.

Do I Need a Root Canal in San Antonio, TX?

  • Does your tooth ache constantly or intermittently?
  • Does surging pain keep you in agony?
  • Are over-the-counter pain relievers ineffective?

Then you might need a root canal. The only way to be sure is to come in for some X-rays to let Dr. Nguyen take a look. Take advantage of the Daniela Dental Plan if you don’t have insurance, or call us about our Emergency Dental Exam Special.

About the Root Canal Procedure

Most root canals occur in our San Antonio office, but complex cases may be referred to a specialist. Typically, this procedure can be performed in one visit. We use innovative technology to locate the roots of the affected tooth and then remove the damaged pulp inside of them. The canals are filled with a rubber-like substance to prevent recontamination and then sealed.

If you are scheduling to have a dental crown after the procedure, Dr. Nguyen will provide a recommended course of action and treatment plan for both procedures to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Call the San Antonio Root Canal Dentist of Choice

Dr. Nguyen and her team have handled countless root canals in San Antonio, Texas, and you can feel completely confident in Daniela Dental to handle these and all of your general and cosmetic dentistry needs with care and compassion. Call today to make an appointment, or take advantage of our Emergency Dental Services and come in today.

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