Children’s Dentistry in San Antonio

san antonio childrens dentistry

Friendly, Comfortable Dentistry for Children

Daniela Dental provides comprehensive dentistry for the entire family and dental service for children as young as six months old. Being a mother herself, Dr. Daniela understands that children need gentle treatment and a friendly approach so they do not develop a fear of the dentist.

Dr. Daniela also understands your concerns as a parent. She respects your opinion and will consult with you regarding your child’s treatment. She will let you know what your child needs and will answer your questions so you are educated and can make well-informed decisions.

Experienced, friendly care

Children's Dentistry in San Antonio

We have a treasure chest with prizes for kids to help make their visits fun.

Dr. Daniela and our hygienists are very experienced with children. We make sure your child has a positive experience and is comfortable in our office. We explain the upcoming treatment to each child using the “tell, show, do” method so they feel relaxed. We have a treasure chest available with prizes for them to help make their visits fun.

Our Gentle Treatments for Children

Dr. Daniela provides a wide range of dental services for children. She is very gentle in each procedure and makes sure your child is comfortable. Below are the main services we offer:

Professional dental cleanings for children

assistant showing child how to properly brush

We help to educate your child in proper brushing techniques.

A lifetime of excellent oral health depends on regular dental cleanings and good care of teeth and gums—starting in childhood. We provide very gentle and effective cleanings for kids, and help them learn to take good care of their teeth at home.


Scientific studies show that dental sealants help prevent cavities in children and adult teeth. A dental sealant is a plastic-like coating that is spread over the pits and grooves on teeth. The sealant forms a protective barrier against bacteria and tooth decay.

Tooth-colored metal-free fillings

Dr. Daniela fills children’s teeth gently and comfortably. She uses tooth-colored filling material, which is a metal-free and less noticeable alternative to conventional silver amalgam.

Primary teeth stainless steel crowns and children’s root canals

Primary (baby) teeth sometimes become damaged or decayed to the point that they cannot be repaired with a regular filling. Extraction isn’t a good solution, as primary teeth play a major role in guiding the permanent teeth to erupt in their correct positions.

Missing baby teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift position, and adult teeth can then come up in unfavorable places. This can lead to significant complications later with your child’s bite alignment.

Dr. Daniela provides crowns and root canals on baby teeth when necessary. She will examine your child and let you know what she recommends for their specific situation. She will ensure that your child’s treatment is performed gently and as conservatively as possible.

Early preventative orthodontics


Dr. Daniela will explain all of the options to you and your child.

For children as young as six years old, Dr. Daniela can provide a type of orthodontics for jaw and bite problems that require early intervention. This includes issues such as protruding teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, speech impediments, teeth that don’t come together properly and crowded front teeth.

To accomplish this, she can either place braces or use orthodontic appliances to correct jaw shape, jaw size and bite alignment while your child’s jaw structure is still developing. This is known as interceptive orthodontics.

This is usually the first stage of orthodontic treatment for a child. Correcting these situations at an early stage of development will make later orthodontic treatment simpler and much faster. It can eliminate the need for tooth extractions as part of their final treatment, and in some cases can eliminate the need for a second stage of treatment altogether.

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