One-Visit Root Canals in San Antonio

Gentle and Effective Root Canal Therapy in a Single Visit

A root canal is a hollow area inside a tooth that contains a combination of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue known as “dental pulp”. When these tissues become infected, swelling, abscesses and pain can result. If left untreated, the infection can spread into parts of the jaw and could lead to tooth loss.

To save your tooth, Dr. Daniela can perform root canal therapy, a procedure in which she removes the infected tissue and seals the canal to prevent any further infection. She is very experienced in root canal therapy, and uses high-tech instruments to make the procedure efficient and comfortable. For most patients, she can complete the entire procedure in a single visit.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

In root canal therapy, the infected canal is entered through the chewing surface of the tooth. The tissues in the canal are removed, down to the bottom of the root. The canal is thoroughly disinfected and then filled with a sterile, rubber-like material to seal it and prevent any future infection.

After the canal is sealed, a dental crown is placed on the tooth to make the tooth fully functional. This is necessary because a tooth with nerves removed is no longer alive and tends to be brittle. This makes it susceptible to cracking or breaking. A crown will give your tooth the added strength needed to function normally for a long time—perhaps for the rest of your life.


(1) A root canal is needed when a tooth becomes infected. (2) The top of the tooth is opened up to access the canals. (3) The infected nerve tissue is removed and the canals are cleaned. (4) The canals are sealed and the tooth is filled or covered with a crown.

High-Tech, One-Visit Root Canals


Dr. Daniela will explain the full root canal procedure to you.

Dr. Daniela uses rotary instruments and an ultrasonic device to thoroughly clean out the canal. She also uses special techniques to determine the length of your root canal to ensure that it is cleaned out as much as possible. This combination of tools and techniques makes the procedure more accurate, efficient and gentle.

Thanks to these cutting-edge instruments, Dr. Daniela can usually complete your root canal treatment in one visit. As soon as the procedure is finished, she will place an immediate temporary crown over your treated tooth. She will have a permanent crown made at our lab and will place it in a second appointment.

Signs That You May Need Root Canal Therapy

If you notice any of the following symptoms, give our office a call immediately, as they are signs that root canal therapy may be necessary.

  • You feel prolonged pain after experiencing heat or cold.
  • You feel tenderness near the bottom of your tooth root.
  • Your tooth hurts when you try to bite down.
  • You have swelling around your gum line.
  • You feel spontaneous pain from no apparent cause.
  • Your tooth has become discolored.
  • You have a white bump on your gum line, which is a sign of an abscess.

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