Porcelain Crowns in San Antonio

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Beautiful, Natural-Looking Crowns

crownA dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is used to restore and protect a decayed tooth or to place on top of a dental implant. Crowns can also be used to change the shape, color or length of a tooth to make it more aesthetic.

Dr. Daniela uses high-quality materials for strong and natural-looking crowns that are long-lasting. She is meticulous in the design and placement of dental crowns. Your crown will fit correctly and blend in with your other teeth.

Our Durable, Beautiful Crowns

High-quality materials

making crownsDr. Daniela uses experienced dental labs that use quality materials to produce a high-quality product. She chooses the material for each crown based on your specific needs. For teeth that are visible in your smile, she uses all-porcelain crowns made from a high-grade porcelain that has the translucence of natural teeth.

Crowns for back teeth are made out of either very durable ceramic or porcelain that is layered over a metal base. These materials provide the added strength needed for the strong bite forces required of the back teeth, while also having a natural look.

Our Crown Procedure

Dr. Daniela gently trims down and reshapes your tooth so the crown will fit over it. She then takes an impression of your teeth and bite for the lab to use in creating the crown. She fits you with a natural-looking temporary crown while your final crown is being made.

Dr. Daniela sends your impressions to our lab, where experienced technicians will craft your final crown according to her instructions. When your crown comes back from the lab she will cement it into place, making any final adjustments needed to ensure it fits comfortably with the rest of your teeth and aligns correctly in your bite.

What Crowns are Used For

A crown can be placed for a number of reasons, including:

  • To repair and protect a decayed or damaged tooth
  • To cover a tooth and protect it from future fracture after root canal therapy
  • To be the replacement tooth secured onto a dental implant
  • To correct bite misalignment
  • To cosmetically correct a discolored or misshapen tooth (in cases where a veneer would not be recommended, such as a tooth that already needs repair).

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